Cannabis Connections With Highly Devoted

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We sat down with Highly Devoted founder and owner Molly Peckler, to answer the most pressing questions surrounding cannabis matchmaking.

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Heightened Senses | Heightened Intimacy


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    It was a bright and sunny day in Marina Del Rey, California. As I entered the inviting bar at Jamaica Bay Inn, I was greeted with the soft sounds of waves crashing on the beach, the taste of salt across my lips, and the wind brushing my cheeks. I was brought back to reality as I hear my name being called across the room. The lovely Molly beckoned me onto the patio as we sat down and dove into what it truly means to be a woman entrepreneur in the cannabis industry.

    My first exposure to Highly Devoted was similar to that of the many individuals who have utilized Molly’s service. Burdened with the overwhelming choices that dating apps provided coupled with the subsequent lack of substance, I was eager to expose myself to a diverse group of individuals who shared my sacred relationship with cannabis. Highly Devoted was the first and only matchmaking service focused on the intricacies of dating as a cannabis user. However, where one might expect it to be a breeding ground for the “stoner” archetype, the reality is a far cry from the stigma. In actuality, Highly Devoted caters to the “smart, passionate, classy cannabis consumers”. Everyone from jet-setting aunts, lawyers and doctors, and entrepreneurs can find their needs met with the guidance of Highly Devoted.

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Highly Devoted caters to the “smart, passionate, classy cannabis consumers”

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Molly Peckler, whose company has been featured everywhere from Vice, Forbes, to Playboy, first entered the matchmaking business while in Chicago. Her experience working in a traditional matchmaking setting coupled with a degree in psychology from the University of Illinois, has allowed Molly to maintain a unique perspective when it comes to romance, communication, and cannabis. Peckler’s comfortability and experience communicating with men has solidified her as the best wing-woman you could ever hope for. Now, as the industry begins to advance at record-setting rates, Highly Devoted has secured itself as a company that is here to stay. With the upcoming launch of a new app and the integration of matchmaking coaching – designed to help individuals organically change their love life – Highly Devoted is setting a standard for what it means to be a community oriented business in the cannabis industry.

Peckler, who has had a collaborative hand in the creation of the Lit Kit for Love alongside Kush Queens, truly believes in the power of cannabis to stimulate intimacy and connection between partners. Utilizing cannabis in her own personal relationship, Molly finds the plant has elevated her connection with her husband as they find ways to integrate cannabis into their love life, their quality time spent in nature, as well as in their problem resolution. There is no denying the enhancement cannabis can have on intimate relationships when partners are open, honest, and willing to explore together. A 2017 study out of Stanford University School of Medicine, utilized self-reporting from survey participants to reach the conclusions, “marijuana use is independently associated with increased sexual frequency and does not appear to impair sexual function”. While the study ascertains that more research is needed to confirm the correlation between cannabis use and sexual frequency, it is great to see a leading institution paving the way.


Do you have an interesting story about how cannabis has enhanced your love life? Share it below in the comments section!

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