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CannaCures – Mending a Broken Heart with Cannabis

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Wellness | 1 comment

Can cannabis help defeat the post-breakup blues? Join us as we investigate and discuss how the herb helps us to reconnect with our “Divine Feminine”.

They Love Me. They Love Me Not.

It’s that time of year again. The grocery store aisles are covered with pink hearts and chocolate, all the worst sappy movies are available on Netflix, and Valentine’s Day is in full effect. If you’re like me, you haven’t given into the Hallmark holiday for quite some time. There are plenty of reasons to hate Valentine’s day but if you’re like the countless other Americans dreading the day, it’s probably due to a lack of love plugging at your heartstrings. So, how do we as the boss as individuals we are, maintain a positive outlook on love despite being constantly missed by Cupid’s arrow?

The answer is simple. CANNABIS.

About a month before Valentine’s Day, the man I was dating decided to ring me up and put an end to our budding relationship (pun intended). While I was initially struck with feelings of rejection, I forced myself to reflect on how I once again ended up in a situation where I was alone and unwanted. As the weeks passed, I reached an understanding that the culmination of our “relationship” was an opportunity to strengthen my bond with myself. Rather than investing my time and energy into someone who could not reciprocate, I was being granted more time to solidify my love for myself. Every time I had been dumped beforehand, I enveloped myself within emotions of self-pity, resentment, and fear. But now, with the New Year upon us, I decided to see this as an opportunity rather than a loss and the only thing I had to thank for reaching this point was cannabis.

When I began this last relationship, I decided to try a different route with my cannabis consumption. Many factors led me to this, including the fact that the man I was dating was sober. It was refreshing and I felt encouraged to find a balance – one where cannabis wasn’t the driving factor of my day. I stopped smoking before 7 pm unless it was CBD. My senses grew more acute and I, more in touch with them. I felt good and I didn’t have to sacrifice it, I just had to control it. So when the relationship came crashing down, I decided to turn back to cannabis for all my answers – my guiding light. I knew cannabis could help me find my Divine Feminine and it did. I spread out all my topicals and edibles and created date-night packages for myself like indulging in a CBD infused bath with a delectable edible. I started taking time in my nightly routine to really savor all my cannabis-infused skin care products like the Humble Flower Co. body oil and Native Humboldt’s Face Oil. I never felt more feminine, which was a refreshing change considering I’m traditionally sulking around in sweatpants and eating crap food at this point post-dumping.

I knew cannabis could help me find my Divine Feminine and it did.

              Now that Valentine’s Day is knocking at the door and I’m still single, I’m deciding to take the time to really treat myself and why                not share my plans with this beautiful community of people who all deserve to do the same. So whether you’re celebrating                        Galentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Single’s Awareness Day this list is applicable to you.

 Take a walk and connect your bare feet to the ground while you’re high. 

          You’ll feel more connected to Mother Earth and your soul than ever before, especially if you choose a nice hybrid like XJ-13 or Gelato to smoke on before/during your walk.

Meditate with a great CBD edible and some soothing aroma. 

          One of my preferred incense these days is made by Summerland Ceramics and is available in three calming blends. They are 100% Organic, Vegan, & Herbal. As for CBD edibles, check out Lord Jones. Both products will be included in a Giveaway we will be hosting in the upcoming week. Check out our Instagram for more information.

Channel the lunar cycle for nights in with your friends. 

         We all know that the lunar cycle affects how crops (including cannabis) grow and respond to the environment. In retrospect, humans are the same way. So next time you are planning a night in with your friends and some good weed, try channeling the current phase of the moon and creating a safe space for your loved ones to open up and get to know one another better. Nothing attracts love and positivity like the foundation of friendship.

Create an altar for your cannabis. 

           Whether you’re keen to display your collection on a bar cart or shelf or need to hide it away from children and roommates, storing your stash in a respectable manner is sure to enhance your consumption experience. We ought to display the same care and respect for our medicine as we expect it to provide to us. For this reason, organize your collection so as not to cause stress when searching for something. Nuzzle your supply next to some essential oils or flowers if possible (but remember to keep your cannabis flower out of direct sunlight to avoid degradation). Love your herb and it will love you back.

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About The Author

Chai (Cheyenne) Somaru


Chai is the CEO of TheHerbCures and an adamant cannabis advocate. She aims to utilize her personal and professional experiences to conjure meaningful conversation and #EndTheStigma around cannabis.

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  1. Cecilia
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    Sweet article 💖 time to upgrade our stash box to something more sensual bye bye to the $ .99 plastic wear as well as getting a lunar app to enhance my experience


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