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Dr. Norm’s Cookies – Delectably Dosed

Oct 12, 2018 | 0 comments

Quality cannabis cookies baked from the heart of one family to meet the needs of you and yours.

Infused With Love and Cannabis

Cannabis edibles are notorious for their overloaded flavor. Excessive oils and butter, overloaded sugar content, and often times an intense odor that draws the attention of those surrounding you (flashback to opening an edible package while in a movie theatre). If you are anything like me, you might agree that discretion is at the forefront of your edible purchase with quality flavor and effects trailing close behind. That being said, the edible options in California are quite dismal with this past summer welcoming in the adoption of new cannabis regulations. TheHerbCures trekked down to Santa Rosa where we attended the inaugural Hall of Flowers event in the hopes of finding some fresh faces for our edible pantry. This exclusive cannabis B2B trade show introduced us to some jaw-dropping companies that we cannot wait to share with you in the weeks to come. Before we journey down the rabbit hole, however, let me share with you a company that just may have secured a spot as my favorite edible of 2018.

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Therapy Comes In The Form Of A Medicated Chocolate Chip Cookie

Siblings Jeff and Roberta Koz Wilson grew up in a home with their brother (a silent partner to Dr. Norm’s) and their parents, both of whom were medical professionals. Their mother – a pharmacist by trade – brought her healing qualities home with her where she tirelessly worked to perfect her Chocolate Chip Cookies. A crowd favorite, mom’s cookies always managed to put a smile on the face of her family, friends, and strangers who found themselves on the receiving end of mom’s lovely treats. The cookie got an infused twist once the siblings decided to conjure up a medicated cannabis cookie. Combining the healing powers of both of their parent’s professions, the delectable taste of their mother’s cookie recipe, and countless hours experimenting and joking in the kitchen, Dr. Norm’s was born. Named aptly after their dermatologist father Norman, Dr. Norm’s is sure to become one of your new favorite cookies (edible or otherwise).

5 mg Chocolate Chip Therapy

The 5 mg chocolate chip therapy cookie is the lowest-dose cookie on the Dr. Norm’s line-up. Offering the tantalizing flavor of the traditional recipe in a micro-dosed cookie allows for the perfect treat that is sure to enhance your mood. With a crunchy outside and a soft and chewy inside, one cookie is perfect if you’re interested in a mid-day pick-me-up or are just seeking the positive effects of cannabis without the overwhelming effects of a larger dose. One cookie will satisfy the chocolate craving while providing a mild-euphoria. For consumers with a higher tolerance, grab a bag of these bad boys to indulge in next time you have a cookie craving.

10 mg Chocolate Chip Therapy

The 10 mg chocolate chip therapy cookie is considered a standard dose by California state regulators. For consumers with a moderate tolerance, this cookie packs the perfect punch. Still providing the same scrumptious flavor as the traditional recipe, the 10 mg cookies manages to medicate without adding additional cannabis flavor. For novice consumers (who have NOT tried the 5 mg cookie), start with half a cookie. The subtle flavor of the Heath Bar toffee bits adds an elevated texture that is sure to please!

15 mg CBD Peanut Butter Chocolate Therapy

Vegans, this one’s for you! The 15mg CBD cookie from Dr. Norm’s provides the perfect medicinal effect. Slightly chewier than the other products on the line-up, the CBD cookie provides consumers with a serious dose of medicine. I tried one of these bad boys before sleep and woke up without my daily nerve pain firing off. A fantastic addition to a self-care Sunday routine.

Start your night off right with one of these tantalizing treats and you may find yourself firing your therapist.

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Chocolate Chip Therapy
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Product Description

“Dr. Norm suggests that if you’re an infrequent user, start with one low-dose 5mg THC Chocolate Chip Therapy Cookie. Wait 2 hours to feel the full effects of this single dose. Do not drink alcohol. Just let this be your full experience. Afterwards, you’ll understand how 5MG of THC affects you. Next time, if you want a stronger dose, take 1½ or 2 cookies and let that be your full experience. After a bit of experimentation, you will have determined your perfect dose! If you’re a patient with a stronger tolerance, our cookies also come in dosages of 10MG and 25MG.”

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