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The Ladies of Paradise are redefining cannabis culture one event at a time. The collaborative efforts of this all-women team have amassed success in multiple facets of the industry. Join us as we peak inside their Brick and Mortar store, located in SE Portland.

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A Ganja Goddess Paradise

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As you enter the glamorous building housing the Ladies of Paradise Brick and Mortar store, you are greeted by a lavish Green Goddess adorning the entirety of the southwest-facing wall. This instillation, the brain child of London based muralist Fin DAC, encapsulates a beautiful vertical forest in the hair of a 70 foot Geisha, celebrating the beauty and strength of women. It comes as no surprise that such an environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing building would eventually become the home to the LOP Brick & Mortar.

Peak around the corner and you will notice a hot pink neon sign adorned with the Ladies of Paradise name, inviting you into what just might be the coolest feminine boutique in Portland. On display are curated cannabis offerings such as handmade smoke ware by Stonedware Co., handcrafted cannabis inspired jewelry from Blunted Objects , and aromatic smoking blends by BARBARI (just to name a few). The Ladies of Paradise Brick & Mortar store is the culmination of a year of hard work for founders and editors Jade Daniels and Harlee Case and the start to an epic journey for them and the entire LOP #GirlGang.

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Shifting away from the extortion of women’s bodies to a mind-set celebrating women, LOP is able to tantalize novice consumers and gain the trust and business of women eager to establish themselves as the “It Girl”.

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Paving the Road to Success

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The journey began a couple years back when Jade Daniels developed the Ladies of Paradise in order to facilitate and brand the sales of her vintage jewelry and accessory collection from her worldwide travels. The in-house styling efforts evolved once Jade packed up and journeyed to Oregon, where she would eventually be involved in the development and launch of the Rogue Valley Cannabis dispensary. As the dispensary began to thrive and the potential for expansion became feasible, LOP was put on the back-burner. The stars aligned themselves, however, the moment Jade met Harlee and the rest is history. The dynamic duo evolved into a smoothly operating machine once Harlee joined the scene, allowing Jade to conjure up what is now, the weed friendly Ladies of Paradise brand. Together, these two wonder women managed to transform their social media following and in the course of a few months, developed tens of thousands of likes and follows.

When it comes to cannabis marketing and advertisements, the industry has seen its fair share of over-sexualized women. The LOP crew had to combat this directly when they accepted the Kandy Pen project. The brand – infamous for its lineup of celebrity endorsements such as Amber Rose – suffered from the old-school marketing approach that “sex sells”. Ladies of Paradise found it imperative to change that narrative and has since, produced content to help combat the stigma associated with cannabis consumers. Shifting away from the extortion of women’s bodies to a mind-set celebrating women, LOP is able to tantalize novice consumers and gain the trust and business of women eager to establish themselves as the “It Girl”.

Within their Brick & Mortar, customers will find locally sourced products such as Make & Mary (CBD inhalers and candles infused with cannabis essential oils), No Sympathy Swim (sustainable swimwear featuring fabric recovered from abandoned fishing nets), and Kush Candles (terpene infused candles made of pure soy wax & hemp seed oil). While the contents of the LOP store do not contain any cannabis, they are sure to elevate your smoking experience. Be sure to check out their location next time you are in Portland and keep your eyes peeled for more groundbreaking accomplishments from this #GirlGang!


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