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It’s a big scary world out there folks and the cannabis scene is no different. In fact, for most novice consumers or those returning to cannabis consumption after decades of abstinence, deciding where to begin can be a daunting prospect. Well fear no more, LEVEL is here to help. This San Fransisco based company emphasizes the need for education (can we get an AMEN?!) while simultaneously offering products designed to provide consumers and patients the ability to design their own “LEVEL toolkit”. We will be featuring reviews of their Tablinguals and Cartridges in the days to come, but for now let’s explore the magical world of ProTabs.

Cannabis is a journey. LEVEL’s mission is to create the toolkits needed to embark on your individual cannabis journey.

The ProTab from LEVEL is an orally concentrated 25 mg tablet, infused with steam distilled cannabis terpenoids. It is available in several unique cannabinoid formulations including Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 THC, THCA, CBD, and CBG. Designed to provide individuals with a higher tolerance and chronic pain an alternative option, the ProTab is sure to simplify your dosing experience while maximizing medicinal effects. The tablet is scored down the middle allowing for a split dose of 12.5 mg. As with their Tablinguals, LEVEL has designed their ProTabs to be integrated together to meet individual needs. Combining a non-psychoactive tablet such as the CBD or CBG alongside a Delta-9 THC tablet provides maximum pain relief. This is accomplished via the entourage effect (more on that in the coming weeks).

LEVEL – Where Cannabis Meets Chemistry

It all began three years ago when Chris Emerson PhD and his wife decided to escape the hustle and bustle of San Fransisco and head to a cannabis farm in Mendocino County for a few months. What was anticipated to be a return to nature and standard farmhand work on a friends cannabis farm evolved into what is now LEVEL. The inspiration and beauty of the plant revitalized Emerson, a chemist who had become disillusioned by big Pharma following his postdoc at Stanford University. Having the opportunity to learn about the molecules and compounds of the plant firsthand while in their natural environment was a life changing moment for Emerson. Whereas many companies attempt to maximize psychoactive effects or minimize overhead through the use of poorly distilled concentrates, LEVEL believes that high quality cannabis respects both the plant and our bodies.

Adhering to their belief of quality cannabis, LEVEL sources all of their pesticide-free flower from sun grown farms right here in the Emerald Triangle and maintains that purity by avoiding solvents and additives. A deep respect for mother nature as well as the culture of cannabis cultivation in Northern California is embedded heavily within the LEVEL brand. Both Chris and his wife venture to Humboldt County multiple times a year to maintain their close relationships with individual farmers and ensure quality control over all their materials. The respect that these two share for cannabis culture is exemplified throughout their manufacturing process and their emphasis on education.

LEVEL integrates the concept of a toolkit to educate their consumers on medicating based on their individual needs. While the ProTab may be best for consumers with prior cannabis dosing experience, they can surely provide a great alternative to pre-dosed edibles. In addition, the sublingual application provides for a quicker onset than edible alternatives. The Protab typically dissolves in the stomach in sixty seconds or less with onset time within thirty minutes. This product is designed for those seeking an extra strength, yet precise and standardized dose for a controlled experience.


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Product Description

Orally swallowed tablet: cannabinoid specific and infused with terpenoids. Available in Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, Delta-8, CBG, CBD, and THCA. This 25mg tablet provides a great dosing alternative for individuals with higher tolerances.

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