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Summerland Ceramics is a California company based out of San Fransisco, producing high-quality Ceramic “Stonerwear” for the aesthetically conscious cannabis consumer.

Pleasure Point – 10"
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The Summerland Pleasure Point Bong is made with “…only the best lead-free, food-safe glaze and ceramic, and a high-grade silicone grommet to ensure clean hits and airtight carbs, every time.” While this piece includes an integrated downstem, the bowl piece is removable, making cleaning a breeze.

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Made From Earth ~ By Hand ~ In California

It all began in 2011 with the apple pipe (A.K.A. the Fruit Fantasy). Liam Kaczmar, founder of Summerland Ceramics designs his pieces in San Francisco, creating prototypes to send to his production partners in Ventura. With his hands in both the creative and business components of his brand, Liam has been able to learn firsthand what his customers want in their “stonerwear”. We had the pleasure of chatting and learning more about his company.

What was your relationship with cannabis prior to starting Summerland and getting involved with ceramic pipe making?

“I was not involved with the industry at all. Being in California and really seeing it all unfolding in front of my eyes and not necessarily wanting to get a piece of the cake, just enjoying the plant. I would say I was kind of a late bloomer, I didn’t really start until I was in my mid-twenties. (I) actually grew up pretty straight edge. When I moved to San Fransisco, being around it and kind of noticing that it’s actually a beneficial thing and starting to use it a lot more myself. It just started to become a regular part of my life and I found that it really complimented my personality; I’m a pretty mellow person, not much of a partier. I started to really enjoy the ritual and the slowing down that it helps me to do.”

Were you involved with ceramics prior to the concept of your pipes?

“Yes, I went to art school for painting and through that, I took a lot of multidisciplinary visual arts courses: a lot of sculpture, mold-making, industrial design, and ceramics. I definitely knew the process of doing it. I didn’t have an active ceramic studio at the time when I started it. I had a clothing company that I was running and we had a studio where we were doing that out of and my seamstress was a ceramics major and we developed the fruit fantasy pipes together using her access to her school facilities.”

Where did you go to design school?

“I went to school in Syracuse New York where I also grew up. I had to get the hell out of Syracuse. I didn’t really know where to go and at the time I definitely wanted to try out being a professional artist and living in a city with a professional art scene. At the time I didn’t really know where to go in the states; it was the Bush area and things were looking kind of bleak and San Fransisco was really the only place that wasn’t completely unavailable to me.”

How has your personal circle responded to your involvement in the cannabis industry?

“My personal circle has been totally psyched on it. No negative comments at all.”

Do you have a favorite piece to design or one you utilize more than others?

“I love them all equally. I am lucky to have them all to use. They are all just really different in their own way and they all just hit so nicely. I will say I am loving the evolution of it, where it’s gone with our new earth-inspired finish with the raw finish. The raw finish gives you this amazing tactile quality that I wasn’t expecting when we started to make those. It feels so good in your hands. It has this beautiful texture. Once you start ripping it a few times, you just can’t help but rub your hands all over it, it just feels really good. It’s kind of led me to think about tactility with these products that I don’t think it’s something that people really consider in the design of smoke wear. But you are heightening all of your senses so why not have a thing that as your senses are being heightened, you can tune in with it?”

Are there any projects you feel your customers should be on the lookout for?

“We are definitely blowing it out. We are trying to get a new family of products out this season. Some more kind of smaller accessory things that you can add to their family of Summerland products, to form your bar cart -full of weed things to kind of round it all together. One piece I am definitely excited about doing is a bubbler. It will be more of a ceremonial piece that you can pass around your circle of friends. In addition to that, I am trying to branch away from the smoke-ware thing and introduce some home goods for the consumer that isn’t really into smoking bongs. And then I am always trying to push sustainable textiles and products. With every season, I am hoping to launch more hemp clothing.

I have been very concerned with legal weed: you are taking this completely de-compostable product and you’re surrounding it with plastic. You buy one joint and it comes with like a half-pound of plastic. It’s just really sad.”

Would you say there are any big goals for Summerland?

“I’ve always kind of thought ‘it’s a brand where we make bongs for stoners’, but I have always wanted it to be a wellness brand before anything else. It’s a product that is helping people live better lives. Maybe find themselves and their healthy future through the use of this product. I’ve always had a goal to keep it very sustainable, made in the USA from very natural ingredients; nothing plastic or metal. “Made from Earth by hand in California” and I would really like to keep that as my DNA. This is a product that is made from the earth by hand from professional artists supporting themselves in this crazy capitalistic world and hopefully succeeding in keeping it local.”



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